Join Us

Join us and be a part of DJSM – Digamber Jain Sansthan Melbourne. You can join as a committee member or as a volunteer.

Committee Member

* You will be part of the core working group of people

* Will be responsible for various functioning of the Trust and Temple as required.

* Will be assigned responsibilities on a yearly basis.

* Mandatory to attend all meetings as per code of conduct set forth by the Trust. 

* A prime requirement for committee members is सप्त व्यसन त्याग i.e. 7 addictions are forbidden (Hunting, Alcohol, Non-vegetarian food, Stealing, Gambling, Adultery and Prostitution)


* You will be part of the extended working group of people

* You will be assigned specific responsibilities on a yearly basis.

* Participation in meetings is voluntary. (Highly Recommended)

* सप्त व्यसन त्याग is voluntary (Highly Recommended)