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Digamber Jain Sansthan

We are a Not-For-Profit organisation registered with the government of Australia with the aim to promote the principles of “Jainism”.

Established in the year 2017 in the city of Melbourne, the focus of this committee is to integrate the ancient beliefs of Jainism into the daily lives of all its ardent followers.

The committee conveys the Jain teachings of a life of doing no harm to anyone or anything, as well as renouncing all material belongings as a way to attaining the ultimate goal of nirvana, or eternal peace.

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Our Mission

Promote Jainism

To teach, promote and propagate the doctrine of the religion of Jainism along with tenets of Jain philosophy, namely, Ahimsa, Anekant and Aparigraha.​

Communal Harmony

To promote understanding and amity between different communities, faiths and traditions of the world irrespective of colour, caste, creed through the practice of non-violence, tolerance, compassion and peaceful existence.


To propagate the culture of ‘Live, Let Live and to help Let Live’ encompassing not only human beings, but all living beings as well as the vibrant elements of nature.

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