Daslakshan Day 6 : Uttam Sanyam

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Day 6 : Uttam Sanyam

This day celebrates Uttam Sanyam meaning Supreme Self-control

संयम– मन, वचन और शरीर को काबू में रखना।


काय छहों प्रतिपाल, पंचेंद्री मन वश करो ।
सन्जम रतन संभाल, विषय चोर बहु फ़िरत हैं ॥
उत्तम सन्जम गहु मन मेरे, भव-भव के भांजै अघ तेरे ।
सुरग-नरक-पशुगति में नाहीं, आलस-हरन करन-सुख ठाहीं ॥
ठाहीं प्रुथी जल आग मारूत, रुख त्रस करुना धरो ।
सपरसन रसना घ्रान नैना, कान मन सब वश करो ॥
जिस बिना नहि जिनराज सीझे, तु रुल्यो जग-कीच में ।
इक घरी मत विसरो करो नित, आव जम-मुख बीच में ॥


  • We should control both five senses and the Mann (heart).
  • We should safeguard the gem of self-control as the burglars in the form of attractive subjects are always alert and roaming. By keeping supreme self-control we can get rid of the pains of many births.
  • This supreme self-control can only be observed in this Human form and not any other (Heaven, Hell, Animals) form. It causes us to lose our laziness and be happy.
  • We should be careful towards all the living beings be it a human being or a small creature (Found in fire, water, earth and air).
  • We should have control on all our senses- touch, taste, nose, eyes and ears. Without this we have been wandering from lot of time in this world.
  • Now we shouldn’t waste any more time and start controlling our senses as much as possible with the ultimate aim of Supreme Self-control as there is no end of desires.


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