दशलक्षण का छठा पर्व – उत्तम संयम

Day 6 :  Uttam Sanyam

This day celebrates Uttam Sanyam meaning Supreme Self-control

संयम– मन, वचन और शरीर को काबू में रखना।


काय छहों प्रतिपाल, पंचेंद्री मन वश करो ।

सन्जम रतन संभाल, विषय चोर बहु फ़िरत हैं ॥

उत्तम सन्जम गहु मन मेरे, भव-भव के भांजै अघ तेरे ।

सुरग-नरक-पशुगति में नाहीं, आलस-हरन करन-सुख ठाहीं ॥

ठाहीं प्रुथी जल आग मारूत, रुख त्रस करुना धरो ।

सपरसन रसना घ्रान नैना, कान मन सब वश करो ॥

जिस बिना नहि जिनराज सीझे, तु रुल्यो जग-कीच में ।

इक घरी मत विसरो करो नित, आव जम-मुख बीच में ॥


We should control both five senses and the Mann (heart). We should safeguard the gem of self-control as the burglars in the form of attractive subjects are always alert and roaming. By keeping supreme self-control we can get rid of the pains of many births. This supreme self-control can only be observed in this Human form and not any other (Heaven, Hell, Animals) form. It causes us to lose our laziness and be happy. We should be careful towards all the living beings be it a human being or a small creature (Found in fire, water, earth and air). We should have control on all our senses- touch, taste, nose, eyes and ears. Without this we have been wandering from lot of time in this world. Now we shouldn’t waste any more time and start controlling our senses as much as possible with the ultimate aim of Supreme Self-control as there is no end of desires.


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