दशलक्षण का तीशरा पर्व – उत्तम आर्जव

This day celebrates Uttam Aarjav meaning Supreme Simplicity.

आर्जव– भाव की शुद्धता। जो सोचना सो कहना। जो कहना सो करना।

कपट ना कीजे कोय, चोरन के पुर ना बसैं ।
सरल सुभावी होय, ताके घर बहु सम्पदा ॥
उत्तम आर्जव रीति बखानी, रन्चक दगा बहुत दुखदानी ।
मन में हो सो वचन उचरिये, वचन होय सो तन सो करिये ॥
करिये सरल तिंहु जोग अपने, देख निरमल आरसी ।
मुख करे जैसा लखे तैसा, कपट प्रीति अन्गारसी ॥
नहीं लहे लछमी अधिक छल करि, करम बन्ध विशेषता ।
भय त्यागि दूध बिलाव पीवै, आपदा नहीं देखता ॥

We should not be wicked and also we shouldn’t live with the wicked people. We should be simple minded and those who are simple get all the worldly facilities by themselves (Though they do not wish for it !). Simplicity is said to be the greatest virtue and cheating/fraud causes a lot of pain and problems. We should speak what we have in our heart and we should do what we say. We should be simple in all our activities and shouldn’t be skew. We shouldnt take wrong way of cheating to earn more money, which results in a lot of Karma getting accumulated. The poet gives an example of ideal condition where everyone will be simple is when a cat can drink milk freely without fearing any attack.
The moral is we should be simple and straight forward which is the key to happiness.

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