दशलक्षण का दूसरा पर्व – उत्तम मार्दव

Day 2 : Uttam Maardav

This day celebrates Uttam Maardav meaning Supreme Tenderness/Humility.

उत्तम मार्दव– चित्त में मृदुता व व्यवहार में नम्रता होना

Shloka :

मान महा विष रूप, करहि नीचगति जगत में ।

कोमल सुधा अनूप, सुख पावै प्रानी सदा ॥

उत्तम मार्दव गुन मन माना, मान करन को कौन ठिकाना ।

बस्यो निगोद माहिं तैं आया, दमरी रूंकन भाग बिकाया ॥

रूंकन बिकाया भाग वशतै, देव इक इन्द्री भया ।

उत्तम मुआ चान्डाल हूवा, भूप कीडों में गया ॥

जीतव्य जोवन धन गुमान, कहा करै जल-बुदबुदा ।

करि विनय बहु-गुन बडे जन की, ग्यान का पावै उदा ॥


Proud is like venom that causes us to fall. And the nectar of humility/tenderness is incomparable. A person with this quality always gain happiness. We should try to achieve Supreme tenderness because a person who is proud has no future. And what is he proud of ? Of going to the worst place in this world (Hell)? Or of getting sold in dimes (cheap price) when it was a plant ? Or of going to the “One sense state” from the Heaven. We should always be modest as even a king with proud becomes a small insect. All this money, property, youth etc are like a bubble of water, which are temporary and can burst anytime. If we respect our elders and the people who are knowledgeable, we will also be able to gain the true knowledge


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