दशलक्षण का पांचवां पर्व – उत्तम र्शौच

Day 5 : Uttam Shauch

This day celebrates Uttam Shauch meaning Supreme Contentment/Purity

शौच– मन में किसी भी तरह का लोभ न रखना। आसक्ति न रखना। शरीर की भी नहीं।


धरि हिरदै सन्तोष, करहु तपस्या देह सों ।

शौच सदा निर्दोष, धरम बढो संसार में ॥

उत्तम शौच सर्व जग जाना, लोभ पाप को बाप बखाना ।

आशा-पास महा दुखदानी, सुख पावै सन्तोषी प्रानी ॥

प्रानी सदा शुचि शील जप तप, ग्यान ध्यान प्रभावतैं ।

नित गंग जमुन समुद्र न्हाये, अशुचि दोष सुभाव्तैं ।।

ऊपर अमल मल भर्यो भीतर, कौन विधि घट शुचि कहै ।

बहु देह मैली सुगुन थैली, शौच गुन साधू लहै ॥


We should be content in our heart and should work hard from our bodies. Contentment is always pure and its a great Dharma in this world. Whereas contentment is always supreme, on the other hand greed is called the originator of all evils. Greed/Desire are very pain/sorrow causing whereas a content person always gains happiness. Just as body’s dirt can be cleaned from the water, the dirt of our soul can be cleaned by being content, well charactered, hard working and by true knowledge and concentration. How can we call a person clean who is though clean from outside but is all dirty from inside. On the contrary a Sage though being dirty from outside is all pure because of his bunch of good qualities that everyone strives for. Such a Sage has supreme purity. We should all try to be as content as possible as there is no end of desires.


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